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A Call to Prayer and Self-Denial 2022

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Every year, women invited gather in their local units and communities for “A Call to Prayer and Self-Denial,'' a faith-filled time to assemble with lifted hearts and hands before our Creator God. Organized by United Methodist Women, the sisterhood observance welcomes all to join in a celebration of selfless giving and spiritual communion with God. The 2022 theme, “Love, Justice and Service: Answering the Call,'' honors deaconesses and home missioners who have said yes to the call God has placed on their lives. You are heartily welcomed into this holy moment as we come together as one in spirit and in faith, on behalf of women, children and youth across the globe.

The 2022 Packet will include the following:

  • Save-the-Date Prayer Cards (for all members and participants; also can be sent to shut-ins, friends, etc.) Ten (10) will be included.
  • Offering Envelopes. Ten (10) blank envelopes will be included with instructions.v
  • One Brochure and the cover can be used for display
  • To learn more about A Call to Prayer program, click here