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Program Resource 2024

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The 2024 United Women in Faith Program Resource invites all to join at God’s banquet table as we explore what it means to be a community – not just in our circle, but with all of creation.

Participants will embark on a journey about food, spiritual practices together, and God who dwells with us at the table. This is about us learning how to be good hosts as well as good guests at the table, in someone’s home, at church, at school and work, and on the created earth.

Author Joyce del Rosario, director of Multi-Ethnic Programs at Seattle Pacific University, explores her heritage as a Filipina American and her personal experiences around food, faith, and family.

Monthly gatherings begin with a shared meal, followed by exploring Scripture, as well as hands-on activities that deepen understanding and encourage participants to look for ways to include and consider others. Take-home activities keep the learning going until you meet again.

You can also experience this resource in an online platform via Mighty Networks. Join and participate in local programs to grow in faith, participate in action, and connect with sisters!

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