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Practicing Resurrection

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Practicing Resurrection: The Gospel of Mark and Radical Discipleship, by Rev. Janet Wolf, presents this well-known Gospel through voices and experiences that are often relegated to the margins. Where we stand, what we see, who we listen to, whose stories and voices we value or dismiss shape the way we understand the world and the Bible.

This study incorporates the stories of those on the margins to uncover how the gospel is alive and well today—how God is, and always has been, calling us to live out the Word in a radical way. Throughout, Wolf utilizes personal experiences and stories entrusted to her through her work in prisons and as a community organizer to invite us to experience the power that stories have to heal, transform, liberate, and unshackle. And she engages us in scripture through a participatory Bible study process, which raises up voices and perspectives that are too often silenced or unheard. She pushes readers to ask: Good news for whom? Good news about what?

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