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Welcome Home: Adult Curriculum

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Welcome Home is an adult curriculum that explores how we can know God as an intimate friend who welcomes us. Abiding in God’s safety and dwelling in God’s provision, allows us to open our hearts to a fuller embrace of the power and presence of God so that we may find our home in God. Participants are invited to dig deeper into what it means to live in the kin-dom of God and how this helps us to develop practices for building and existing in healthier communities.

Author Neomi Fletcher leads participants through a journey in eight one-hour explorations that start with examining home and redefining what it means in light of Scripture’s repeated invitations to dwell with God as individuals, community members, and persons of faith.

The explorations lead participants outward so that what starts with our personal homes, expands to welcoming others to join us in our work as co-creators to establish God’s kin-dom on earth. The sessions include Scripture explorations, discussions, activities to apply what is being learned, and two intergenerational sessions.

Fletcher has a passion for social justice and works to advocate for young people. She is pastor of Haven Chapel UMC in Denison, Texas, and an early childhood policy advocate for Children at Risk.

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