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Me in the Kin-dom: A Children's Curriculum

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Me in the Kin-dom! is a children’s curriculum that helps children explore the kin-dom of God through the lens of the Lord’s Prayer. Children will experience how they are unique members of God’s kin-dom and learn they are also part of a larger community that welcomes all of God’s children.

Children will explore many Scriptures that will help them to learn to see, hear, and love as Christ teaches. This enables us to accept each other as God created us to be. Each session includes Scripture study, discussion, music, artistic expression, and even some opportunities for children to participate in outreach to others.

The sessions encourage children to ask questions such as:

  • What is this kin-dom?
  • Where is this kin-dom?
  • What is God’s will for it?

The eight one-hour sessions may be combined into four two-hour sessions if needed. The curriculum also includes a guide to adapt the study for online meetings in lieu of in-person ones.

Author Kathy Cook is an active United Methodist who has served with UMVIM and UMCOR as well United Women in Faith. She pours her wealth of experience and enthusiasm for sharing Christ’s love into this curriculum to draw children into the knowledge that they are unique and cherished members of God’s kin-dom.

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