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Who Can We Be Together?

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Who Can We Be Together? A Biblical Exploration of Luke 13, the 2022 adult curriculum by Candace Simpson brings participants deeper into Jesus' teachings in this chapter of Luke to explore what it means to be in community. As the author notes, “For followers of Christ 2,000 years later, it's important for us to sit with the range of emotions we have in response to these words. It's not easy to build and sustain communities, especially when there are forces that drain us, exhaust us, and even push us to act uncharacteristically. And yet, we are called to act on the most ethical principles of our faith so we can witness the kin-dom of God on earth.''

Who Can We Be Together? can be adapted to a variety of settings outside of the Mission u format, including Sunday school, and other church school settings. Adaptations for distance learning are also provided.

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