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Responding to Violence

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Tags: Bible Studies

The 2021 children's curriculum by Sue Raymond, an educator and longtime Mission u facilitator, will help prepare children for the violence that they will unfortunately encounter over the course of their lives. Together, facilitators and children will explore how to respond to violence through the lenses of scripture, role-play, and discussion.

Throughout the sessions, children will examine violence within their families, including sibling rivalry; among friends; in their communities; and even within themselves. Each session is grounded in scripture and introduces concepts and skills to help children learn how to respond to the violence that they will, or have already, faced in their lives. Activities like games and role-play as well as crafts help underline what they are learning.

The four sessions in Responding to Violence can be adapted to a variety of settings outside of the Mission u format, including Sunday school and other church school programs. Adaptations for distance learning are also provided throughout.

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