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Program Resource 2022-2023

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We are all part of God's story! The 2022-23 Program Resource shows how we can answer our calling today as women of passion committed to helping women, children, and youth.

The programs are grounded in Mark 8:27–30 as an invitation to reclaim and explore our identity as children of God and as a community of women of faith. The monthly Bible studies, reflections, program activities, and weekly activities to do on your own between each program will help guide us through the year as we look at who we are in Christ and what that means for how we live in community as United Women in Faith members called to action in local and global communities.

The 2022-23 Program Resource is available for $14.99 in print and digital options. The digital Program Resource is available on Mighty Networks ( and includes embedded video content, an online community of United Women in Faith members, and exclusive access to monthly Community Gatherings on Zoom with Ilka Vega, author of the 2022-23 Program Resource.

We are running a promotional add-on: when you purchase the printed Program Resource, you can add-on the digital component for $5.00 (you will get a code or link upon purchasing this book).