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We Are the Kin-dom: Children’s Curriculum

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Tags: Bible Studies

This curriculum by Kathleen Stone guides children through an exploration of earthly kingdoms in contrast to God’s kin-dom and our role in living out the latter here and now. Children will be introduced to the concept of kin-dom vs kingdom to help distinguish between the flawed human construction of a kingdom that often results in op¬pression and exclusion, and God’s perfect kin-dom that offers freedom and inclusion. The study is supplemented by a four-part video, We Are the Kin-dom: Global Kids’ Voices. This video includes interviews with children from around the world who were asked about their un-derstanding of what kingdom means. […. cont.]

We Are the Kin-dom! can be adapted to a variety of settings outside of the Mission u format, including Sunday school and other church school environments. Adaptations for distance learning are also provided.

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